Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Jonesred 9 Tool Pocket Wrench - Chainsaw, Cutoff Saw



The Pocket Wrench is 9 tools in one that allows the user to work on chainsaws, cutoff saws, trimmers and blowers in the field. The tool easily fits in your pocket (4 ?" long) and contains a large screwdriver for bar adjustment, a T27 Torx for all bolts on a Stihl chainsaws and cutoff saws, a small screwdriver (for fuel and bar oil adjustment), a bar groove cleaner, a 4mm Allen Wrench (for work on Echo, Jonsered, Husqvarna and most other saws), and has a 13mm (1/2") socket that will fit a bar nut on a half or full wrap handle Husqvarna saw. The other end of the tool has a 19mm deep socket for Stihl bar nuts and spark plugs on most saws, that can be reversed with a 10mm socket for Echo bar nuts. It comes with a nylon sheath so you can hang it on your belt and take it with you. Additionally it can be used as a file handle, there is a set of holes in the socket for a chainsaw file to be placed. All tools are easily replaceable.

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